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Known by the brand name Lyrica, this medication is a highly effective means of treating neuropathic pain, from nerve pain and fibromyalgia to generalised anxiety disorder (GAD). This medication is of a unique chemical structure that allows it to effectively treat a wide range of neuropathic conditions as well as seizures, due to its anti-epileptic properties.

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What is Pregabalin Used For?

Approved by the FDA, pregabalin works in various ways depending on if it is being used to treat pain, epilepsy or anxiety. These disorders are generally caused by irregular electrical activity taking place in the brain, and this medication works by decreasing this overall activity.

Noticeable results usually appear after two to four weeks of taking the treatment, and is appropriate for both short- and long-term use.

Pregabalin Dose

The recommended pregabalin dosage will vary between patients based on what condition is being treated. In general, the recommended dose is between 150 mg and 600 mg each day, which is split up into two to three separate doses. By following a regular adherence procedure, patients will receive the optimal effects of this medication.

A pregabalin dosage can be taken irrespective of food, although a light meal is recommended to those who tend to experience nausea. The tablet itself should be swallowed whole with water, and should never be taken in conjunction with alcohol.

Patients under the age of 18 should not take this medication, nor should anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding, or if they are allergic to any ingredients in this medication.

Pregabalin Side Effects

The pregabalin side effects experienced by users will vary from patient to patient, and tend to only affect 10% of those who take the medication. These side effects are mild and will usually pass on their own within a short space of time.

More common pregabalin side effects include nausea, drowsiness, and headache. In order to minimise these effects, it is recommended that users take the medication with some food so as to avoid nausea. Headaches should pass after a week, but can be reduced by drinking water. Drowsiness often wears off as the body adjusts to the medication.

Patients wanting to cease taking this medication should not stop treatment abruptly, as this may result in adverse side effects and withdrawal symptoms. Instead, taper off the medication gradually.

Pregabalin Reviews

The majority of customers who write pregabalin reviews agree that it is effective at treating several conditions without disrupting any of the body’s naturally occurring processes. This medication is particularly beneficial as it can treat multiple disorders simultaneously, such as fibromyalgia and anxiety.

Other patients that have left pregabalin reviews find the medication’s side effects to be mild and easily tolerated. In fact, this medication has a very good safety profile with a high response rate, as some patients can feel results after just one day of treatment. Other customers have found that in addition to anxiety and neuropathic disorders, this medication is also effective at improving sleep.

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FAQ - Pregabalin

Is Pregabalin a Painkiller?

Yes, Pregabalin can be used as a painkiller especially for nerve pain. Pregabalin is also prescribed for a number of other conditions including epilepsy, fibromyalgia and general anxiety disorder (GAD).

How does Pregabalin Work?

Pregabalin works by binding to the calcium channels found on nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. This action reduces the release of certain neurotransmitters and stabilizes electrical activity in the brain.

What is Pregabalin Used For?

Pregabalin can be used for a number of conditions including epilepsy, neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, and general anxiety disorder. Pregabalin can also be used to treat seizures in adults and children who are at least 1 month old.

How does Pregabalin Differ from Gabapentin?

Although Pregabalin and Gabapentin belong to the same class of medicines (gabapentinoids) and treat similar conditions, Pregabalin has a number of advantages. Pregabalin works at much lower doses, is faster absorbing and less likely to cause severe side-effects.

How much does Pregabalin Cost?

Pregabalin is available via online pharmacies for about £1.00 per pill. Discounts are usually available if you buy in larger quantities.

Important Information

While this medication may be consumed with or without food, it is not recommended that patients consume it on a completely empty stomach. Likewise, the effects of this medication will be dulled, or seem weaker, if taken on a full stomach, or after eating a heavy meal.

This Medication Should:

  • be consumed in accordance with the patient information leaflet.
  • be swallowed whole; do not crush, chew or suck these tablets / capsules.
  • be stored in a cool dry place / at room temperature (20°C - 25°C).
  • be kept out of the reach of children at all times (minors under the age of 18).

This Medication Should Not

  • be mixed with alcohol - even one drink can be dangerous.
  • be used if pregnant, breastfeeding (or planning to become pregnant).
  • be shared - even with friends or family experiencing symptoms similar to yours.
  • be taken when planning to drive or operate dangerous machinery.

NOTE: If you, or anyone you know, have taken too much of this medication, or if you are experiencing any unwanted side-effects such as a rash, difficulty breathing or swelling of any kind, you should contact a doctor immediately.




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Customer Reviews from TrustPilot

  • Trustpilot Reviews
    Jun 15, 2021 – Nerile N

    I have ordered my meds on Friday…

    I have ordered my meds on Friday received it today( Tuesday) was perfect. Ordered 28 tablets but got 30 😊👏🏻👏🏻 Haven't taken one yet but opened the capsule and tasted the powder inside and because I have been taking pregablin for ages it definitely taste like the real deal. Will try it properly tomorrow. But so far so good and I'm very impressed! Thank you.

  • Trustpilot Reviews
    Jan 07, 2021 – Samantha

    Great Service And Speedy Delivery

    Great service and speedy delivery. Would definitely recommend!

  • Trustpilot Reviews
    Jan 05, 2021 – Bret

    I've Ordered From This Company A Few...

    Iv ordered from this company a few times now and they are 1st class they are very helpful and I would recommend 100% their delivery service are really quick to 👍🏻

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Excellent medication and service. My order arrived within 48 hours of payment and I could not be happier with the service. The customer service team were kind enough to provide me with a discount code, what a bonus. Thanks again Eric Brailsford
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Recommended by my friends about this website. Im a happy customer legit product and company.
Katie Holbrook – Apr 25, 2021
Excellent product as good as lyrica or any other brand highly recommended and this is the best site I have found for customer loyalty also excellent customer service the real deal
Nikki – Feb 17, 2021
Excellent. This product has really helped me with my sciatica but it also helps my anxiety & I sleep better too. The pills here are the real deal. Exact same quality as the ones I get on prescription. Fast postage too. Very professional. A life saver when you lose or run out of your prescription!
Jeremiah L Mann – Feb 12, 2021
Very honest staff. Great products and words cannot express how much better this company makes my life. Simply pay for order and wait, no pesky doctor office. Great job guys! 6 stars
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Legit website. Fast delivery and good quality product. Recommend!
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I have ordered this medication from Stdirect many times and have always received genuine, high quality medication. So much more convenient than seeing multiple specialists and waiting months on end. Delivery can be a little slow but its usually within a week of ordering, discreetly packaged.
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Fantastic service, tablets are spot on taking for anxiety I feel like a new person thank you very much will definitely order again!
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I have purchased this product a few times and cannot rate the service highly enough. The product is genuine and exactly the same as prescribed. The customer service is excellent and my orders are always here within a week. Excellent.
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I have bought this particular medication now on three occasions and I have always been happy with the product and the delivery times. I am looking forward to receiving 5% off my next order using the discount code I received via email!

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