Find A Chemist Near Me in 2021

Statistics on Semrush show that each month there are on average 350,000 Google UK searches performed for the term "Pharmacy Near Me" and 110,000 searches for the term "Chemist Near Me" in the UK alone.

Chemist Near Me

Interestingly in Ireland the statistics are much lower with around 27,000 monthly Google Ireland searches for pharmacy Near Me and 6,600 monthly searches for the term chemist near me. Most pharmacies listed when you perform this search will be physical pharmacies rather than online pharmacies.

According to the United Nations Conference of Trade and Development, online shopping has changed forever, and the statistics for online pharmacy searches increased dramatically during 2020 with most of the UK (and the world) living under social distancing rules due to COVID-19.

Stay up to date with the latest NHS information and government advice regarding the coronavirus – and find a chemist near you that is open now using the following handy search facilities:

  • Sleeping Tablets Direct


  • NHS


  • medicspot


Find an Online Chemist Near Me

In the UK, on average there are 40,000+ UK searches performed for the term "Online Pharmacy" and 12,000 UK searches performed for the term "Online Chemist". Online Pharmacies. There are lots of online pharmacies in the UK and Europe such as Boots Online Pharmacy, Lloyds Online Pharmacy, UK Meds, Doctor 4 U and Sleeping Tablets Direct to name just a few

Boots Online Pharmacy: Boots UK Limited (previously Boots the Chemists) is a health and beauty product retailer with its head office located in Nottinghamshire in the UK. Boots Online Pharmacy offers speedy delivery across the UK and Europe and Boots also has international, country specific versions of its site for global customers.

Lloyds Online Pharmacy: Lloyds Online Pharmacy is a British company with more than 1,5000 physical pharmacies and 17,000 employees. The Lloyds Online Pharmacy head office is in the United Kingdom (Coventry). Celesio, the German company that owns Lloyds Pharmacy has introduced the brand to Europe some 2,000 locations.

UK Meds Online Pharmacy: UK Meds Online Pharmacy is advertised as a family-run business and is based in the UK (Nottingham). UK Meds Online Pharmacy has a sister company called EU General Practitioners in Romania. UK Meds Online Pharmacy does not have any physical outlets.

Doctor 4 U Online Pharmacy: Doctor 4 U Online Pharmacy is an Online Only prescribing doctor service and dispense from a UK regulated pharmacy. Doctor 4 U Online Pharmacy works in partnership with Chemist 4 U (also UK based) and imeds (based in Germany).

Sleeping Tablets Direct: Sleeping Tablets Direct is a European based company with outlets in the UK , Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands to ensure a speedy delivery of all medications throughout the UK and other European countries. Sleeping Tablets Direct is the only online pharmacy that you can buy Sleeping Pills (such as zopiclone and zolpidem), Painkillers (such as tramadol and codeine) and Anxiety Medication (such as clonazepam and lorazepam) for speedy home delivery.

Top 100 Pharmacies / Chemists in the UK

If you cannot find the product you are searching for on our website then you may need to visit a pharmacy nearby – we have compiled a list of the top 100 UK pharmacies for your convenience:

S. No. UK Pharmacy UK Pharmacy Location
#1 Campbells Chemist View Campbells Chemist UK Location
#2 Medino View Medino UK Location
#3 Express Pharmacy View Express Pharmacy UK Location
#4 Lloyds Pharmacy View Lloyds Pharmacy UK Location
#5 Specialist Pharmacy View Campbells Chemist UK Location
#6 Pharmica View Specialist Pharmacy UK Location
#7 Jamaica Road Pharmacy View Jamaica Road Pharmacy UK Location
#8 Clan Pharmacy View Clan Pharmacy UK Location
#9 Hamlins Pharmacy - Alphega Pharmacy View Hamlins Pharmacy - Alphega Pharmacy UK Location
#10 MedExpress  View MedExpress  UK Location
#11 Pro Chemist View Pro Chemist UK Location
#12 NVS Pharmacy View NVS Pharmacy UK Location
#13 Day Lewis Pharmacy View Day Lewis Pharmacy UK Location
#14 Columbia Pharmacy View Columbia Pharmacy UK Location
#15 Boots Pharmacy View Boots Pharmacy UK Location
#16 Noor Pharmacy View Noor Pharmacy UK Location
#17 Park Pharmacy View Park Pharmacy UK Location
#18 Hayatt Pharmacy - Knightsbridge View Hayatt Pharmacy - Knightsbridge UK Location
#19 Westbury Chemist View Westbury Chemist UK Location
#20 JP Pharmacy View JP Pharmacy UK Location
#21 Hounslow East Pharmacy View Hounslow East Pharmacy UK Location
#22 Green Light Pharmacy View Green Light Pharmacy UK Location
#23 Wembley Pharmacy View Wembley Pharmacy UK Location
#24 Cohens Chemist View Cohens Chemist UK Location
#25 Asset Chemist View Asset Chemist UK Location
#26 Mangal Pharmacy View Mangal Pharmacy UK Location
#27 Prince Pharmacy Knightsbridge View Prince Pharmacy Knightsbridge UK Location
#28 J Edmunds Pharmacy View J Edmunds Pharmacy UK Location
#29 Wellbeing Pharmacy View Wellbeing Pharmacy UK Location
#30 Gateway Chemist View Gateway Chemist UK Location
#31 Spatetree Pharmacy View Spatetree Pharmacy UK Location
#32 Chiswick Pharmacy View Chiswick Pharmacy UK Location
#33 Oxlow Chemist - Alphega Pharmacy View Oxlow Chemist - Alphega Pharmacy UK Location
#34 Royal Docks pharmacy View Royal Docks pharmacy UK Location
#35 Rowlands Pharmacy View Rowlands Pharmacy UK Location
#36 Boots London Bridge View Boots London Bridge UK Location
#38 Care Chemist View Care Chemist UK Location
#39 Signature Pharmacy View Signature Pharmacy UK Location
#40 Medix Pharmacy View Medix Pharmacy UK Location
#41 Haggerston Pharmacy View Haggerston Pharmacy UK Location
#42 McParland Pharmacy View McParland Pharmacy UK Location
#43 Dock Pharmacy View Dock Pharmacy UK Location
#44 Boots Cranleigh High Street View Boots Cranleigh High Street UK Location
#45 Curiechem Ltd View Curiechem Ltd UK Location
#46 Derek Clarke Pharmacy View Derek Clarke Pharmacy UK Location
#47 Greenfield Pharmacy View Greenfield Pharmacy UK Location
#48 Church Pharmacy View Church Pharmacy UK Location
#49 Lawton Pharmacy - Travel Clinic View Lawton Pharmacy - Travel Clinic UK Location
#50 Med-Chem Pharmacy View Med-Chem Pharmacy UK Location
#51 Sunset Pharmacy View Sunset Pharmacy UK Location
#52 Helios Remedies View Helios Remedies UK Location
#53 Superdrug View Superdrug UK Location
#54 Daily Chemist View Daily Chemist UK Location
#55 Douglas Pharmacy and Travel Clinic View Douglas Pharmacy and Travel Clinic UK Location
#56 Metro Pharmacy View Metro Pharmacy UK Location
#57 Godalming Pharmacy View Godalming Pharmacy UK Location
#58 Pharmacy Planet View Pharmacy Planet UK Location
#59 Stickland Pharmacy View Stickland Pharmacy UK Location
#60 Pharmacy First View Pharmacy First UK Location
#61 Cobham Pharmacy View Cobham Pharmacy UK Location
#62 Wellcare Pharmacy View Wellcare Pharmacy UK Location
#63 Chemist Direct View Chemist Direct UK Location
#64 Mistrys Pharmacy View Mistrys Pharmacy UK Location
#65 Summersdale Pharmacy View Summersdale Pharmacy UK Location
#66 The Independent Pharmacy View The Independent Pharmacy UK Location
#67 Clear Chemist View Clear Chemist UK Location
#68 AAH Pharmaceuticals Ltd View AAH Pharmaceuticals Ltd UK Location
#69 Home Health UK Ltd View Home Health UK Ltd UK Location
#70 Evercaring Pharmacy View Evercaring Pharmacy UK Location
#71 Pharmacy Direct GB View Pharmacy Direct GB UK Location
#72 Howitts Pharmacy View Howitts Pharmacy UK Location
#73 Well Pharmacy View Well Pharmacy UK Location
#74 Whitworth Pharmacy View Whitworth Pharmacy UK Location
#75 Chemist 4 U View Chemist 4 U UK Location
#76 Acre Pharmacy View Acre Pharmacy UK Location
#77 Victory Internet Pharmacy View Victory Internet Pharmacy UK Location
#78 118 Pharmacy View 118 Pharmacy UK Location
#79 Elliotts Pharmacy View Elliotts Pharmacy UK Location
#80 Innox Trading Ltd View Innox Trading Ltd UK Location
#81 A. Moore & Co. Dispensing Chemist View A. Moore & Co. Dispensing Chemist UK Location
#82 Whittle Pharmacies Ltd View Whittle Pharmacies Ltd UK Location
#83 Leaks Chemist View Leaks Chemist UK Location
#84 Grafton Pharmacy View Grafton Pharmacy UK Location
#85 McDowell Pharmacy View McDowell Pharmacy UK Location
#86 Clear Pharmacy Isle of Man View Clear Pharmacy Isle of Man UK Location
#87 Clear Pharmacy - Atholl Place View Clear Pharmacy - Atholl Place UK Location
#88 Carters Chemist and Travel Clinic View Carters Chemist and Travel Clinic UK Location
#89 Turnbulls Chemist - Alphega Pharmacy View Turnbulls Chemist - Alphega Pharmacy UK Location
#90 John Walker Chemist View John Walker Chemist UK Location
#91 Murrays Chemist & Travel Clinic View Murrays Chemist & Travel Clinic UK Location
#92 Clarks Chemist - Alphega Pharmacy View Clarks Chemist - Alphega Pharmacy UK Location
#93 Parade Chemist View Parade Chemist UK Location
#94 Earls Court Chemist View Earls Court Chemist UK Location
#95 Egerton View Egerton UK Location
#96 MedicineBox Pharmacy View MedicineBox Pharmacy UK Location
#97 Caledonian Pharmacy View Caledonian Pharmacy UK Location
#98 Greenwoods Pharmacy Ltd View Greenwoods Pharmacy Ltd UK Location
#99 Leoprim Pharmacy View Leoprim Pharmacy UK Location
#100 Paxall Pharmacy View Paxall Pharmacy UK Location

Find Sleeping Tablets at a Chemist Near Me!

One last search statistic - if you perform a Google UK search for "Find Sleeping Tablets Near Me", you will get approximately 300 million results! Where do you begin? If you want to buy sleeping tablets, painkillers or anxiety medication online you might want to give us a try - where buying medication for the treatment of insomnia, pain and anxiety online has never been so easy and affordable.

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