Feeling Stressed Out and Need Stress Relief?

Are you feeling stressed out? Is the recent death of a loved one playing on your mind? Are you, or is someone close to you going through a stressful divorce? Stress is a very real concern in today’s demanding world and learning how to deal with it effectively can often mean the difference between being able to function in a proactive manner under pressure or allowing stress to dominate the situation. Read about the top five causes of stress in the UK and how people get stress relief.

Top Five Causes of Stress

What are the top five causes of stress? We have searched high and low and compiled results from recent UK surveys to find out the leading causes of stress in the UK.

Financial Obligations: Are you in debt? Have your mortgage payments increased? Maybe you or a family member have recently been made unemployed? A change in financial obligations – which leads to money worries – is documented as being the leading cause of stress in the UK.
Getting Married: Unsurprisingly due to the massive financial obligation, marriage is the UK’s second highest cause of stress. On top of the financial worries many face when getting married of course it is only natural for the bride or groom to be nervous in the lead up to the big day.
Moving Home: Relocating to a new home can be extremely stressful. Not just the stress of packing all your belongings there is also the financial burden that comes along with moving and redecorating a new house to make it feel like home.
Illness or Injury: Living with a chronic illness can often mean the inability to work full time, and in many cases even working part time is out of the question due to an illness. An injury could also hinder you from attending work for a period of time which will usually mean a reduced wage or salary – leading back to financial worries.
Emotional Problems: The leading emotional problems that are found to cause stress are depression and anxiety. In many cases, both the depression and anxiety are byproducts of one’s current financial situation.

Signs and Symptoms of Stress

Apart from an empty wallet there are a number of signs and symptoms of stress – both physical and emotional to look out for:

Physical symptoms which may include insomnia, low energy levels and a loss of sexual desire.

Emotional symptoms which may include feelings of anxiety and depression along with moodiness or feelings of anger.

Top Stress Relief Options

One of the best forms of stress relief is exercise! And the best thing about exercise – for the most part – is that it costs nothing to go for a run! Another way to naturally reducing stress and anxiety levels is to simply reduce how much caffeine you consume. More and more people are using supplements like CBD (Cannabidiol) to manage stress and anxiety levels.

If you don't have time for exercise, and need fast relief from stress and anxiety, you might want to look at the medicines available for effective treatment.

Xanax Blog Spot UK

At the UK Xanax blog spot we cover all the top stress relief options and we offer anxiety medication comparisons along with tips on how to locate and buy medicine online for stress and anxiety relief.

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