Sleepless Night after Sleepless Night

Has your life become a sequence of sleepless night after sleepless night? Are you getting to the end of another hard day tired but cannot sleep?

Apart from the frustration and irritation that comes with insomnia, there are also some serious potential health problems related to chronic sleep deprivation. From the increased risk of accidents due to not being able to fully concentrate the following day, to more long term effects such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and damage to the immune system.

Learn How to Sleep Better

Learning how to sleep better at night is an essential part of retraining our bodies to return to a natural sleep cycle. Sleep hygiene is not only about taking a hot bath before bedtime, it is about developing habits that can help you have a proper night’s sleep.

If you have a TV in the bedroom, do not lie watching it waiting to nod off. It can help for a short time, but eventually a gunshot will ring out, or you will be rudely awakened by a commercial trying to sell you something you do not want.

For more handy hints like this, you can follow our blogs and read more about better sleep hygiene. Discover why getting a healthy sleep is important, and how to get back to waking up feeling refreshed and ready for a new day.

How Important is Sleep?

Everyone knows about the importance of having a healthy life style. Modern media is full of advice on the importance of eating nutritious food and the benefits of exercise, but if the human body is not getting enough sleep, all those nuts, berries and gym memberships can be thrown in the bin.

All creatures living on the planet sleep in one way or another, and humans need long periods of sleep in order to rebuild and revitalize, to grow muscle, restore tissue, and produce the natural hormones our bodies need.

Not Getting Enough Sleep?

To be at our best, sleep specialists recommend that the average healthy adult needs around 7-9 hours sleep per night. In a recent report, the United States Sleep Foundation categorized the required amount of sleep into 9 age groups with newborns needing 14-17 hours, 9-11 hours for school children, and 8-10 hours for teenagers.

Of course everyone is different, but in general adults tend to lie in one of two sleeping types. It seems that we are either early birds or night owls. A study from the Aachen University in Germany suggested that although night owls tend to have more stamina and be more productive, they also have an increased risk of depression due to a kind of long term jet lag.

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    Sleep is essential for a healthy life, and many experts have concluded that quality rest is just as important as food and water for survival. Although no one really knows how long the human body can go without sleep, we do know that sleep deprivation has a huge impact on our physical and mental health.


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