UK Nerve Pain Management

Commonly known as neuralgia or neuropathic pain, there are few physical experiences more crippling than the pain that is caused by damaged or overactive nerves.

If you have found yourself in the very unfortunate position of suffering from nerve pain, then it would do you well to find a way to get respite from your ailment. These days, the medical industry is better equipped to offer nerve pain management than they ever have been and this is mostly thanks to advances in medical science.

In an effort to offer people greater access to nerve pain solutions, medicines are now also being sold online. This will allow people to deal with pain effectively through the help of specially formulated treatments that work well and are sold at reduced prices.

UK's Top Nerve Pain Complaints

According to the National Health Services (NHS), it is estimated that roughly 15% of all British citizens are battling with various forms of nerve pain. There are different forms of neuralgia that affect these people, but there are several kinds of nerve pain complaints that crop up more than others.

Sciatic nerve pain is diagnosed when nerves along the path of the sciatic nerve (which runs from your lower back down each leg) are damaged, usually resulting in pain on one side of your body.

Nerve pain in the leg / legs is another common complaint and is often caused by a herniated disk in the spine or by sciatica.

Then with nerve pain in the back, this again is usually due to a damaged sciatic nerve or spine and can heavily impede physical functionality.

Causes of Nerve Pain in the UK

There are several reasons behind why an individual may end up battling with nerve pain. It is essential that the causes of nerve pain are understood so that they can be addressed effectively from person to person.

One of the foremost culprits of the causation of nerve pain is injury to the spine or brain and as most of your nerves run through your spine to your brain, this is not difficult to understand.

Another of the leading causes of nerve pain is multiple sclerosis which is a long-lasting disease that becomes worse over time and causes injury to the sheaths of nerves cells in the brain and spinal cord.

Heavy drinking also leads to nerve pain in what is known as alcoholic neuropathy wherein the peripheral nerves are damaged by the excessive alcohol intake.

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