Lyrica is an FDA-approved anticonvulsant, anxiolytic and painkiller / analgesic medication that has a wide variety of uses but is mainly used for the treatment of pain for various disorders. It received approval to be sold under the brand name Lyrica in 2005. It is best known as being manufactured by the large pharmaceutical company Pfizer, who are known for their reliability, hence why more people are trying to buy Lyrica in the UK. The active ingredient in this medication is pregabalin 300 mg.

What Lyrica is Used for

Lyrica is approved for several uses. It is used to treat neuropathic or nerve pain in the following conditions, when other medications have not been successful:

  • Diabetes - This can commonly occur when the diabetic has high blood sugar levels over a long period of time, which can affect the blood vessels that supply the nerves, causing pain which often manifests in the hands or feet.
  • Shingles - This usually occurs after the shingles has gone, but inflammation in the nerves is caused by the virus in the areas which were affected.
  • Fibromyalgia - This unusual condition where someone experiences increased pain all over the body has no definite cause, but sufferers often complain of widespread pain, fatigue, and extreme sensitivity.
  • Spinal cord injury - The spinal cord injury causes damage to the nerves and as such, causes chronic pain.

It is also to treat seizures in conditions such as epilepsy, where people may experience uncontrollable jerking and shaking, known as fits. When someone has epilepsy, these fits can be triggered for several reasons, such as tiredness, stress or flashing lights. Using Lyrica may not be able to eradicate these fits but can certainly be used to control or reduce them.

In addition, this medication can often be prescribed for the treatment of anxiety, specifically in Generalized Anxiety Disorder, where the anxiety may be present over a long period of time. A study of this condition in Europe found that at least 5% of people may be diagnosed with this disorder at any point in their lifetime, making it one of the most common mental disorders seen by doctors.

How Lyrica Works

This medication has distinct but similar mechanisms of action depending on the condition that it is being used to treat, although it is not confirmed exactly how it is supposed to work.

When being used to treat neuropathic pain, it works by inhibiting the firing of neurotransmitters in the brain, and therefore reducing the pain signals travelling in the brain and throughout the nervous system.

For seizures, it works in a similar way. Seizures force brain cells to work much faster than they are used to. Lyrica prevents the brain cells from working as fast as the seizure is trying to force them to, therefore reducing the symptoms of the seizure.

For anxiety, the inhibiting of the neurotransmitters in the brain produces a calming effect, by reducing the release of chemicals that can make you feel anxious.

How Long Lyrica Lasts

This medication is processed quickly and stays in the body for an average of 33 hours, depending on factors such as the weight, age and overall health of the person taking the medication. Its half-life is 6.3 hours, though medications often stay in the body four to five times longer than this.

Once the medication has been taken, the effects can usually be felt within 30 minutes, although this can be delayed if it has been taken alongside a big meal. The effects of this medication generally tend to last around 6 hours. To treat nerve pain or seizures it usually needs to be taken over the course of a week or so for it to be fully effective.

Lyrica 300 mg Dosage

Lyrica can be taken with or without food, as long as it is not a heavy meal, but if you usually take it with food, you should continue to do so moving forwards, as consistency is key to achieving a reliable dosage. Further to this, your doses should be spaced evenly throughout the day.

One tablet at a time should be swallowed whole, with a glass of water. These tablets are not to be chewed or dissolved.

After you buy Lyrica 300 mg and start taking this medication, it is recommended to start on a lower dose and steadily increase it. If you need a lower dose, you can split this tablet into halves for 150 mg at a time, or quarters for 75 mg at a time.

One of the reasons why this medication comes so recommended is that it can be taken long-term. As you may know, some anti-anxiety medications should not be taken consistently long term, as a tolerance and potentially addiction can build. This is not so much of an issue with this medicine, hence why people so often try to find pregabalin in the UK.

If you forget to take a dose, you should never take double. If it is not within two hours of your next dose, it is fine to take it as soon as you remember.

Lyrica 300 mg Side Effects

Like any medication, there can be side effects. It is important to ensure that you read about any potential side effects of medications before taking it. Common side effects can be:

  • Headaches
  • Feeling sleepy or dizzy
  • Nausea
  • Blurred vision

If you take more than your recommended dose, the risk of side effects can increase.

Who Should Avoid Lyrica

This medication is safe for most people over 18, although there are some people who should refrain from taking this medication.

  • If you are allergic to this medication.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should speak with your doctor first to see if he recommends taking this medication.
  • Likewise, if you have kidney disease, as this medication is processed through the kidneys, your doctor should be consulted first.

Before You Buy Lyrica

Before you buy Lyrica, you should consider if it is the best medication to treat your condition. Often this medication is used for seizures and pain after other medications have been tried first, and for anxiety, it does not work in the typical way that other anti-anxiety medications work. That being said, it is becoming increasingly popular as it can be used long-term and is known for its low risk of side effects.

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Tom is a Content Writer from the UK with a Masters Degree in English Literature & History.

Gavin Hill – Jun 16, 2021
Hello John, I use this medication to treat my Fibromyalgia and your blog and knowledge has been a great help in keeping me well stocked. Much appreciated. G Hill

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