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As if dealing with one form of poor mental health was not enough, there are far too many cases of comorbid conditions being diagnosed in people today. There are many patients who have anxiety and insomnia at the same time that exist in a comorbid fashion where one disorder has led to the other developing. So if you have wondered, 'does anxiety cause insomnia?', the answer is a resounding yes. Often these two issues are inextricable from one another which is why if you find it hard to fall asleep, you will likely also feel very anxious the next day too.

In very much the same way, those who suffer from generalized anxiety disorders (GAD) will often find that their excessive fear and worry prevents them from being able to fall asleep at night.

Is Anxiety and Stress Keeping You Awake?

Many of us do not take the time that we should to allow our bodies and minds to rest in order for them to regain their vitality and function at optimal levels. When we push ourselves too hard, anxiety and stress are bound to wreak havoc in our lives as many millions of people already know all too well. If you are finding that no matter what you do, you can't stop thinking about worries, tasks and general life and it is keeping you up at night or causing you be distracted during the day, you need treatment for anxiety.

Excessive worrying and overthinking also heavily disrupts sleep and can lead to you experiencing insomnia symptoms such as having difficulty falling asleep. It can go further and begin to affect you subconsciously which can then cause you to find that you have trouble staying asleep too.

Insomnia and Depression in the UK

The overwhelming evidence that supports the ties between sleeping disorders and mental health issues such as depression is clear and must be taken note of. When it comes to insomnia and depression, these two issues are heavily tied to one another as it is only through sleep that we can feel replenished and healthy.

Those who have insomnia are always tired which can heavily detract from their ability to feel any joy in life, and it can also cause major chemical imbalances in their brains which can result in a depressive disorder.

If you are waking up too early, you will be likely to start off every day feeling cranky. When you arise too early from a deep sleep, it will also lead to you waking up feeling tired which can further instigate and exacerbate a depressive disorder.

Valium Blog Spot UK

Your mental health is sacred and should therefore be handled in a fitting manner. This means that if you believe you are not mentally well, you need to take decisive action and by visiting a Valium blog like this one, you have taken the first step.

When dealing with depression and other nefarious mental health issues, it is important that you do not keep it to yourself and share the burden of your struggle. Then you can begin to find out what the best way to obtain anxiety and stress relief is.

Similarly, if you are not getting proper sleep on an ongoing basis, you need to find out what insomnia treatment is available and where you can gain access to it. Ultimately, all of the answers to your better mental health can be sourced online.

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