About Painkillers / Pain Medication

Are There Different Types of Painkillers?

Yes, there are different types of Painkillers that treat a multitude of conditions. Based on the level of pain that you experience painkillers vary from mild painkillers (paracetamol and aspirin) to painkillers that treat moderate to severe pain (Codeine and Tramadol).

What is the Strongest Painkiller?

Tramadol is widely regarded as the strongest pain killer available on the market. Treating moderate to severe pain Tramadol directly targets the pain receptors in the brain and central nervous system providing relief from the severest of pain.

Which Painkiller is Best?

The best painkillers are what your Doctor recommends to treat your condition. There is no substitute for professional medical advice and both the type of medication and dosage instructions should be followed closely for the best results.

Is Codeine Stronger than Tramadol?

Codeine and Tramadol belong to the Opioid analgesic family of medicines and are both regarded as strong painkillers. It is however recognised that Tramadol is the stronger medication.

What Painkillers Can I Buy Online?

A wide variety of painkillers are available online including Codeine, Tramadol, Pregabalin & Carisoprodol. Established online pharmacies also offer safe and secure payment options, quick and discreet delivery as well as around the clock customer service.


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    Excellent, fast efficient service.

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    Excellent Service & Fast Delivery

    Excellent service and fast delivery. Even though I don't have a MasterCard they provided a very efficient service enabling me to make payment by email. Lovely phone and online customer staff.

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    Excellent Service

    Excellent service from this online pharmacy. Would love the option of next day guaranteed delivery as tracking provided only tells you when it's been posted and when it's delivered. Would be willing to pay a bit extra for that. Apart from that I would recommend.

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