About Ordering Online

How to Order Online at Sleeping Tablets Direct?

Simply click on the product you want, followed by the quantity and enter your delivery details. Finally select your payment method of choice and complete payment. Once the payment is received you will be sent email confirmation along with the estimated delivery date.

What Payment Options are Available?

Online pharmacies offer a wide selection of payment options. These include Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer and Bitcoin.

What Will Show on My Bank Statement?

We use an offshore payment processor to protect our customers privacy. There will therefore be no mention of the website or product you have bought. On completion of your payment you will receive an email confirming the descriptor name and what will show on your statement.

Do You Offer Free Samples?

No unfortunately we are unable to offer any samples of the medication we provide. We do however offer free pills with certain payment options including Bitcoin.

Why are Your Sleeping Tablets So Cheap?

We are able to offer sleeping pills at incredible prices because we do not have the overheads that brick and mortar pharmacies have. By minimizing our overheads, we offer sleeping pills online at the very best prices.


  • Trustpilot Reviews
    Oct 17, 2020 – Ms Jackie

    Excellent Service & Fast Delivery

    Excellent, fast efficient service.

  • Trustpilot Reviews
    Oct 16, 2020 – Charlotte

    Excellent Service & Fast Delivery

    Excellent service and fast delivery. Even though I don't have a MasterCard they provided a very efficient service enabling me to make payment by email. Lovely phone and online customer staff.

  • Trustpilot Reviews
    Oct 16, 2020 – Helen

    Excellent Service

    Excellent service from this online pharmacy. Would love the option of next day guaranteed delivery as tracking provided only tells you when it's been posted and when it's delivered. Would be willing to pay a bit extra for that. Apart from that I would recommend.

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